B.Sc. Emergency and Trauma Care Technology

Emergency Medical Technology is a speedily growing and exhilarating specialty, which is much needed with the growing burden of disease and the need for high quality pre-hospital services. It is concerned with the initial diagnosis and management of the acutely ill and injuries affecting people of all age groups with the full spectrum of undifferentiated physical and behavioral disorders.
Duration: 4 years inclusive of 1year internship (8 Semesters)

The course also prepares the students inthe handling of all emergency equipmentsandtheirsterilization.

The candidates are trained in both the oretical and practical aspect of Emergency and trauma care technology to provide efficient care in bothpre-hospital and in-hospital set up.

Candidates are given hands on training for BLS,ACLS, ATLS,PALS,NALS in the Simulation Centre of our institute.

Graduates are eligible for employment in India and overseas where their qualifications ,training and experience are highly regarded.

The candidate seeking admission in our college shall have studied English asone of the principle subject during the tenure of the course and must havepassedtwoyearPre-University or equivalent examination with physics,chemistry and biology as main subjects.
Candidates who have passed Diploma in Emergency and trauma care Technology awarded by the State Board or an equivalent are also eligible for direct admission to IIyear under lateral entry scheme

Emergency Medicine Department of AJ Medical College , Mangalore


Observe and practice the basic role of EMT in emergency department- triaging primary assessment – ABCD approach

Observe and practice to identify life-threatening situation

Observe and practice to use defibrillator and AED

To learn, observe and practice route of drug administration- Intramuscular,intravenous, intradermal and subcutaneous

Observe and practice the procedures of urinary catheterization, nasogastric tube insertion and to prepare infusions

Observe and practice to interpret normal ECG waves

To learn, observe and practice the initial assessment/primary assessment and secondary assessment of patient with trauma ( face , neck , skull, abdomen, thoracic, cardiac and pelvic trauma )

1 Fundamentals of Human Anatomy & Physiology
Basic Concepts of Pathology & Microbiology
Basics of Biochemistry
Medical Terminology & Human ethics and Communication in Health Care
Basic Life support (CPR training )
2 Pre-hospital care
Introduction to Emergency services Part I
Emergency department equipments Part I
Emergency pharmacology
3 Introduction to Emergency services Part II
Emergency department equipments Part II
Basic Pharmacology
4 Emergency laboratory
Medical emergencies Part I
Surgical emergencies Part I
Paediatric emergencies
5 Medical emergencies Part II
Surgical emergencies Part II
Trauma, burns and electrocution
Community Medicine- Basics
Psychiatric, geriatric and obstetric emergencies
Emergency radiology
Research Methodology in Health Care
7,8 Internship

Duration- 1 year

At the end of the course the candidates must be able to perform triaging, initial assessment and management of patients.

Take care of the transportation of patients.

Assist and perform emergency procedures like intubation, ICD insertion, Cricothyroidotomy

Setting up of Crashcart

Able to handle all emergency equipments.


As an EMT in Emergency medicine department in government and private hospitals

As an EMT in Emergency department of tertiary care hospitals

As an EMT in transport and handling ventilators

As a flight paramedic

As an EMT in Emergency medical services (EMS)

As an EMT in wilderness response, industrial services and offshore response.

As a teaching faculty

Eligible to opt for Higher studies – MSc in Emergency and Trauma Care Management

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